Zaubermathe has existed for about 6 years and has made great strides during that time. Some of its principles were initially implemented rather randomly, and when something really worked it was further explored and enhanced. Over the last two years Zaubermathe has been able to make headway with literally every student enrolled in private lessons. Below you will find only a selection of student testimonials because there isn’t enough space for all of them!


Three 10th graders

For Zaubermathe the person is more important than the mathematics. “Side effects” in the sense of ….

  • the posture straightens up
  • vibrancy returns
  • students become self-confident.

… are normal, expected and the actual objective.

Still, it was a real first when a teacher asked for a camp for three young men without any concern for them actually learning math. Just about everything had been tried with them and she had the impression that it was only getting worse. “In the logo it says: Math will heal. So maybe this can work …”

Over a one week period, the three were excused from their other classes and met in a secluded art room. Two of them actually had learning gaps going all the way back to 2nd grade. Twenty hours later, things had happened that exceeded everyone’s wildest hopes:

  • The three young men wanted to learn. And they were eager to continue learning and to graduate.
  • For remaining weeks until the MSA (middle school exam) they took new time off from other classes and went to Zaubermathe voluntarily for 2 hour sessions during the 3 weeks leading up to the MSA (secondary school graduation exam).
  • They sat straight up in their chairs.
  • They no longer just waited for instructions, but instead took the initiative themselves.

That years of learning could be made up in a few weeks would have been a miracle. But this was never just about math. Not only for the three students was this project THE highlight of the year, but for the teachers involved as well.

For two of the students it was their last year and that great experience was a signature moment for their futures. The third student chose Zaubermathe as a learning format and was able to eventually catch up to, and eventually join the ranks of, the good students.