Do not teach the human, teach the animal!

When a brain has survived the realization that that there is actually a snake and not a stick, it is happy. The chances of not being bitten in the future are even better now than they were 1 minute ago. Recognizing patterns better and surviving in the process makes you doubly happy.

“Do not teach the human, teach the animal!”
– Neuroscience

Which of the two takes the lead in learning is not without consequence:

  • The human mind learns at a rate of 40 bits. If the “animal” (man the animal) helps the human, the human can remember 40 bits better. Today, every teacher knows that good teaching also addresses the senses.
  • The animal sees and feels at a rate of 11,000,000 bits. If the animal is allowed to walk in front and the human follows without putting a leash on it, the mental picture will then have much more depth of field and learning will take place exponentially faster. Not only does the student’s knowledge grow, but his or her self-confidence as well. It doesn’t take long before the external compulsion is replaced by an inner willingness. Freedom

Here is a wordless “explanation” of how Zaubermathe differs from bottom-up inductive pedagogy. And if after the first few seconds you were tempted to say “Why doesn’t that go any faster?” then you have now put yourself in the shoes of the student: The first 41 seconds stand for the movie in which the children find themselves. It lasts for 9 to 13 years.