Our offer

All children are initially interested in numbers. But for many students mathematics quickly becomes a tower of imposing height. And the shoulders of these children are weighed down and inimidated by the expected floors that have yet to be built. Zaubermathe contravenes this image, this perception, because mathematics is neither a tower nor a path, nor a spiral staircase. It is – in point of fact – a large picturesque garden. If there is indeed a tower somewhere it won’t be one needing to be built because it is already standing. And the children will not be climbing up it, but will instead be allowed to simply stand on top of it. (see logo)

A child psychologist has for some time now been sending students with math anxiety to us as a first course of action. This is because any traumas that have arisen in connection with mathematics are best healed with the help of that very mathematics itself.

Zaubermathe is used in three realms:

  • Therapy ( Camp and individual instruction)
  • Coaching (individual  and group lessons)
  • Forward-looking Overview (Camps for groups)
Zaubermathe is not stair climbing, but rather contextual learning. 


Therapeutic Camp
We work with your child for 3 hours at a time over 5 consecutive days and let him or her experience happiness with math. In the process we become thoroughly acquainted with your child. Up till now the world of math had always been a very different experience for the student.

Therapeutic Instruction
Each lesson is at least 90 minutes in duration. Of course, we thereby pay special attention to the material your child is currently struggling with in class. However, the emphasis is always on a positive experience with mathematics.

We do not currently offer this service because we are overburdened by the challenges associated with the introduction of fractal learning to an entire grade level at a school in Pankow.

Content-related Camps
Content-related camps are aimed at “healthy” students and take place when 4 or more students have requested them. Over five consecutive days, during each of which there are three hours of instruction, your child will gain an overview of a complete area of mathematics.
We offer the following topics:

  • Fun doing arithmetic (no age limit)
  • Geometry (including trigonometry – no age limit)
  • Graphing a basic function without calculations (8th grade and up)
  • Functional Analysis (9th grade and up)
  • Analytical Geometry (11th grade and up)


  • Therapeutic Camp with Individual Instruction:      1,950 € – with satisfaction guarantee
  • Therapeutic Individual Instruction:     100 € for every 90 minute session
  • Individual Coaching:    70 € for each 90 min. session
  • Group Coaching:   50 € for each 90 min session (3 or more participants)
  • Content-related Camp:    500 € per person (4 or more participants)